Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visiting the People of Mexico

Hola amigos of Fort Wayne Indiana! Hopefully this is meeting you all healthy and excited. :) I have felt lead to write on the blog about what God is doing and how he is using the three churchs who have met to serve our awesome God and the people of Mexico.
This morning: Most of us woke up tired. Had Breakfast and a meeting on what was going to happen today. After all of our morning chores and preperations we headed off toward Juarez to visit the markets of Mexico. An excperience I am sure most of us won't soon forget. The minute the people saw our van they started crowding, pointing us to park near their shop, and collecting their best goods just for us. You see, we were the answer to thier prayers. Many of them have them have not earned enough to feed thier family because the once great customers are now tourist to scared of the violence and sickness to vacation in Mexico. Even missionaries, like us, have avoided serving out there. In fact, we are one of the first groups in a long time to bless them in this way . The minute we stepped out we were swarmed by people. Young and old alike. Six year olds were trying to sell us what few things the had just to be able to have a meal that day, maybe even that week. All of us immeditaly gave into thier bribes and 'deals'. We shopped up and down, and all around. The minute you stopped to glance at something there was hope for the owner that you might want somthing, so they immediately started telling us about why we should buy it, why it is such a great price and so on. The hardest thing of the entire visit was saying , " No, not today." . There were so many who needed blessed with our money, and so many who didn't get a sale.

After a lot of 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' and 'no thank yous' we left for the supermarket (somewhat like Walmart). We got so much food and we packed so much food. I was sure we would have plenty but when I got to where we would be handing stuff out I was almost postive there would not be enough. There were starving poeple all the way from six months old to probably somwhere around seventy. My heart broke for everybody there, and was afraid we were going to have to turn people down; and these were starving people. The children ran towards the big Ford to come greet us all. I was worried I would have to say, " We dont have anymore food for you." But God has got it all in his hands. We prayed and got started. Half way through I looked at the bananas. I didn't want to turn down these grateful kids, but was still scared of it happening. But God knows what he was doing. After about an hour and a half the kids stopped coming. The man who was controling the line said, " no more chicas, no chicos.". There were was so much extra food, so we started giving extras to the last families in line. We still had lots left over, so we gave even more. After much handing out and being touched by many people, everyone got muchas cameta (much food). God wasn't going to let those eager people down. We are all positive he blessed that food.

Before I let you go I must tell you about our blessing; Nakashima or also nicknamed 'Thank You Jesus', and this is why. She finishes almost every sentence with a , 'Thank you Jesus'. She is so grateful of so many little things. If we all just broke out into laughter, she ends the noise with a 'Thank you Jesus, for happyness.' . She was grateful for everything, and I think we need to be like her. There is soooooooo much us Americans take for granted. Little things are given from God too, and when he blesses we need to recognize it, and thank him. I am sure all of us saw the same thing in this woman who is burning for Christ.

I want to finish this with a few prayer requests. First of all, there was this young boy who came through the food line crying. Shocked, we asked him what was wrong, and our hearts broke for this child when he replied that his mother just recently died, and he has no where to go. Join us as we pray for this boy, so that he will be able to see the warmth in the love of Christ ( if he has not already) and that God will just bless his socks off.
Continue praying for us, as we are working in the Casa de las Gemas, also known as the House for the orphaned Gems. There is alot that needs to be done still, but with God, we can do all things through him, who strengthens us.
Gracias amigos, for your support, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all!
Thank you Jesus,

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us! May your heart be molded to His.