Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tapestries of Life Mission Trip

What an amazing place God has brought me to. Not in terms of location, but of understanding how GREAT our God is. I have lived my life on "microwavable" prayers, wanting instant answers and my needs met. But God doesn't work that way. When you are aligned with God's will and purpose- meaning you are praying constantly to be led by Him and in fellowship with Him- He is always soveriegn. Steve Brewer, Tapestries Founder, has prayed for things in this ministry that he had to wait five years to get or have an answer to, but he kept praying. I know that God will always answer, but I also know it is extremely hard to wait. I encourage all who are listening to take more time to listen to God. Follow Him with your whole being.

An amazing thing happened today. Here I am, being called into the desert of Mexico to serve for a week in building an orphanage, and God is using this experience to open up a door to restore relationship with my earthly father. I pray that God would surround him with His love.

All who are listening hear that the Lord is good! He is alive and well. He has not forgotten about his children here in Mexico who are living homeless on the street- more than 10 million of them! God loves each and every one.

We can not fear for our safety. We have a mighty God and we are the children of the Most High.

Psalm 91. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. Praise be to the Lord Most High!

Rebecca Sanchez

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