Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Day

This Day has been moving in so many ways, from disturbing and sad to exhilarating and touching. It's been a day full of emotions that have reached into the corners of our hearts.

We witnessed the anger of men against men and we prayed for them as we drove past. It is not a common sight, we were told, yet it was gripping to watch. We looked into the eyes of women, men, and children as we gave them food that their stomachs had ached for...., many had not eaten much in days. They were all thankful, proud people who had a quiet strength that most of us can only hope to possess.

We complain about things that seem so earth-shattering, but I imagine that the view would change tremendously if we were to step into any of their shoes. They have so very, very little and yet their love of God is rich and obvious. I hugged children who are so incredibly gorgeous, and I shared unspoked compassion and love with women and men who are no different than we are. I will never forget This Day.

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