Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Update Since We Have Been Home

I felt led last Thursday to start praying about how I could help support Tapestries ministry further after we left. I began to pray and think about what kind of resources we have that could help them. German and Lisa were on my heart. They both lead worship every morning when they have a work team present. I knew that we should provide something that they needed musically. I continued to pray for what God wanted me to provide, or to give me an opportunity to ask. The opportunity never came about for me to ask them directly. I prayed as we returned to Fort Wayne. Yesterday, as I was getting breakfast for the kids, I was impressed upon that they needed guitar strings. Weird, right? Well, I quickly sent off an e-mail to Lisa asking what kind of guitar strings they like. She sent an e-mail back to me saying that she and German were just talking that morning about how they needed new strings for their guitars! Not only that, but God keeps making connections that only He can make. Lizett, the young lady that I handed bread out with on Mercy Day, had asked Lisa that morning if she could start playing with the worship team. She had a guitar, but her guitar did not have strings! How amazing is our God!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Tapestries of Life Ministries.



  1. Our God is so personal. He knows our needs and provides the most unique ways to fulfil them. We so often miss the way He does this because we don't stop to see it. Thank you for sharing. What an amazing reminder of how God is so personally involved in our lives!