Saturday, January 9, 2010


Now that we have been home a week, the amazing week in Mexico seems a lifetime ago and yet the spark it ignited in me has not waned. Everything that has happened in this past week was infused with thoughts of what we saw in Mexico. We are so richly blessed in every way possible but seem to take it for granted. I have found myself thanking God throughout the day for the simple, basic things like indoor plumbing, money for groceries, a solid roof over my head, easy transportation, a warm house, winter coats & boots....I could go on forever.

One of the things that touched me the most about the Mexican people we met and served was their joy and passion for Christ Jesus and their desire to serve their people. Even those who have very little are willing and eager to give to others in more need than themselves. One such person touched me deeply, more deeply than I ever thought possible.

Her name is Iridian Sanchez. She is a child of Christ, an 11-year old who was helping prepare and serve our food, working during her school holiday to help the children of her country. She is one example of the children Pastor Steve has dedicated his life to helping. Her past is not a pleasant one and not uncommon among the children of Mexico. The details are not the important part of her story. What is important is how she is growing beyond that and the dream she has for her life.
Iridian's dream is to become a doctor so she can help her people, the children who are or will suffer just like she did in her early years. She is fortunate enough to be able to attend schools in Texas as a US citizen but the money required for college is well beyond her reach.

Iridian's nickname is comes from the story of a man who was on the beach picking up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. When another man stopped and asked him 'why, you cannot make a difference, look at them all, there are thousands of them' The first man responded ' but it makes a difference to this one'. And he picked up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean. Her story touched me deeply and I want to help make a difference for this one. While on the mission trip, God laid it upon my heart to start a college fund for one 'Starfish' and make a difference in her life that will provide her with the opportunity to help many more. Imagine how many children can be saved and helped by just one more doctor dedicated to their care.

I am not sure how this will happen, I do not have the funds to pay for this myself. But I know with Gods help and guidance, the funds will be there for Iridian's education when the time comes.

Please pray for this and ask for God's guidance.....ask Him to touch and move the hearts of those He wants involved in this venture. Maybe it is you, He is trying to reach! Open your hearts to Him and listen to His call. If you do, you will be deeply blessed in more ways than I can describe.

In Deuteronomy 28:1-11 talks about the blessings we will receive if we obey the commands the Lord has given us....."The Lord will grant you ABUNDANT prosperity". He wants to shower us with His blessings if we just trust & obey. I choose to obey, how about you?

God Bless,

Carol Wells

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